Academy on the Management of Vocational Training Centres

Bamako (Mali)
From 27 January 2020 to
31 January 2020

International Traning Centre (ITC) of ILO
Stefano Merante / CIF-OIT

At the end of this one-week program, participants will have strengthened their technical knowledge as well as their analytical and management skills to improve the operation of the Vocational Training Centres (VTCs).

In particular, participants will have improved their skills to:

  •     Identify the main characteristics of an appropriate environment necessary for effective and efficient VTCs;
  •     Develop practical approaches and solutions on how to map and involve social partners and other key stakeholders;
  •     Strengthen their knowledge and skills in VTCs management;
  •     Draw on international best practices on how to connect VTCs with the private sector to create programs and services to facilitate the transition of graduates from school to work.
  •     Analyze the management problems of their own VTCs;
  •     Define the actions necessary to achieve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of their VTCs.