FAR network: International seminar on the training of producers

Saly, Sénégal
From 01 November 2021 to
03 November 2021

FAR Network, ECOWAS and ROPPA - 3AO

Investing in the training of producers: building the future!

Bringing together agricultural and rural training actors from the public and private sector, the seminar will be an opportunity to:

  • Draw up a comparative history of the practices and content of training courses intended for producers in the South;
  • Present innovative experiences in agricultural training, particularly in agroecology;
  • Share approaches and tools to improve training practices and their impacts.

During these three days, priority will be given to highlighting initiatives in the field. Three angles of analysis are proposed to understand and value the contribution of this feedback and to answer the following questions:

  • How is the demand for continuing education built
  • How are the training mechanisms intended for producers financed?
  • How can agroecology be taken into account in training?

Have you initiated, developed or participated in innovative experiences in the field of continuing training for producers? A call for contributions is launched until October 17, 2021 to capitalize on these experiences during and after the seminar.

For more information, you can consult the concept note of the event, as well as the three-day program.

This event is reserved primarily for members of the organizing networks and their partners. If you wish to participate and / or contribute to the capitalization of experiences, please contact Marie Balse marie.balse@reseau-far.com.