International Symposium: “Training of trainers for technical and technological education in Africa: achievements, constraints and perspectives”

Douala (Cameroun)
From 04 December 2019 to
07 December 2019


This international symposium aims to evaluate the progress made in the training of trainers, the pitfalls encountered and the perspectives of this domain of education in Africa. Although focused on sub-Saharan countries that may have fairly common concerns, contributions from citizens from other countries and from other continents interested in issues concerning the training of trainers are welcome.

The axes selected for this conference are the following:

  • Perceptions of and attitudes towards technical education
  • Entrepreneurship Education in Technical and Vocational Schools in Africa: What Educational Innovations to Promote Entrepreneurial Behavior in an African Context
  • Technical education, technological innovation and sustainable development
  • Problem of the adequacy between training infrastructures and the requirements of professionalization
  • Introduction of Shared Online Laboratories in Technical and Vocational Education
  • Place of languages ​​in technical and vocational education
  • Didactics of technical disciplines and the tertiary sector: what innovations can be envisaged with ICT?
  • Problems of dissemination and patenting of scientific and technological works and inventions
  • Guidance and counselling for and in technical education: issues, constraints and perspectives
  • Training-employment adequacy: the logic of actions at work
  • Promotion of gender and excellence in technical education: current situation and perspectives
  • Any other theme related to technical education not presented here will be welcome