Regional workshop to validate various CCMEFP-UEMOA studies and institutional strengthening reports

Bamako (Mali)
From 19 December 2018 to
20 December 2018

West Africa
Secrétariat Permanent CCMEFP
Didier Maixent DJEIGO, Secrétaire permanent

From 2010 to the present day (2018), nine (9) statutory meetings have been held. They have made it possible to achieve significant results, at the institutional level such as the signing of the headquarters agreement, and at the technical and operational levels including the creation of National Employment and Training Observatories in most countries, the validation of employment and vocational training indicators, the development of business engineering, the stimulation of a dynamic of experimentation of community colleges through pilot centres, the implementation of the Platform for the mutualization of tools and resources in vocational training and the National Mutualization Entities (ENM),

As part of the animation of the platform, the Permanent Secretariat, with the support of the SDC (Swiss Cooperation), commissioned a study on the "Inventory of vocational training resources and tools available in the eight countries of the UEMOA region and Chad".

At the same time, CCMEFP makes efforts to improve the organisation of the Permanent Secretariat, the key element of the Consultation Framework, through the preparation of (2) a Manual of Administrative, Financial and Accounting Procedures, (3) a Strategic Plan, (4) a Communication Plan and also (5) a feasibility study on the establishment of a Youth Employment Fund, which could provide the Consultation Framework with relevant and adequate financing instruments and mechanisms.

With regard to these issues, the 9th CCMEFP-UEMOA Conference of Ministers held in Ouagadougou on 28 September 2018 decided to organize workshops for the review and pre-validation of reports in each country and a subregional workshop to finalize and adopt the various reports: the Bamako workshop.