Chambre Sectorielle Art et Artisanat - CHASAA

Professional and employers' organizations

Main domain: 
Arts and crafts
Commune Rohero, Avenue du 18 Septembre, N. 2. immeuble CFCIBBujumbura
Name of the person in charge: 
Executive Director

The Sectorial Chamber of Arts and Crafts "CHASAA" in acronym, was created in 2010 with the restructuring of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi "CCIB". It is an employers' organization which is an integral part of the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi "CFCIB" and was approved by the Ministry of the Interior on September 27, 2010 by Ministerial Order N ° 530/1355 . The "CHASAA" has Statutes which govern it, Internal Rules of Procedure (ROI) and a comprehensive manual of procedures which guides its actions.

The mission of CHASAA is to:

  • Defend the general interests of artisans and artists by representing them in both public and private institutions;
  • Promote the development of craft enterprises with a view to creating employment for young people and the socio-economic and professional integration of the winners of the Trades Education and Vocational Training Centers;
  • Support craftsmen and artists at each stage of their professional life: professional development, business strengthening, training, economic development, penetration into various markets, product marketing, innovative production, etc. ;
  • Create a national movement of artisans and artists.