The PEFOP Network Members’ Area

Throughout 2017, the IIEP-UNESCO Dakar’s PEFOP team will develop within its website a collaborative space for the members of the PEFOP network that is being incepted.

This virtual area will bolster networking and debate moderation activities between vocational training players in Africa, by providing several services:

  • A Mailing List Tool (within the site or external, as part of the collaborative virtual space) that will connect all members to enable them to exchange with the IIEP-UNESCO Dakar team on the one hand, and among themselves on the other, with the aim of gradually building a vast community of stakeholders. The backlog of exchanges will be sorted by themes and discussion threads.
  • Tools to Share Content and Information (articles, documents, events, vocational training tools, innovative practices, job offers, multimedia files and so on) part of which will be used to flesh-out the public website, and the remainder sorted and presented to ensure members of the PEFOP platform are well informed.
  • Regular Moderated Virtual Thematic Conferences (e-forum) that will first be tested in the collaborative space and potentially later organized on the public website according to their success.
  • A Directory of Network Members (based on the information provided in each member’s introductory sheet) to encourage direct discussions and the development of collaborative activities between players.

The creation of the collaborative platform’s tools will be used to frequently sound out members of the PEFOP network on the relevance of the public website’s content, their expectations and their needs in terms of information availability.

To become a member of the PEFOP network and register on the PEFOP platform, users will be required to complete a straightforward request form and introduce themselves as vocational training players in Africa.

The PEFOP network and platform will be open to all types of players involved in the renewal of vocational training mechanisms in Africa.

PEFOP is already receiving expressions of interest. Write to us!

See you soon!!!