PEFOP’s Activities

The Direct Support to the Implementation of Vocational Training Policy programme, that you may follow:

The production of analysis, reports, methodological and thematic notes, technical working papers and so on.

Consult these documents, derived from the capitalization process, under the Our Publications section. Feel free to share them and comment.

The Support to Innovation in Vocational Training programme

Learn about the application criteria and process and find information on the activities supported in the “Innovation section.

The promotion of networks and collaboration among vocational training stakeholders and partners in Africa

Find out about the experience-sharing and/or thematic workshops and seminars PEFOP organizes, as well as those it participates in and contributes to.

Support to the mutualization of vocational training resources among African countries.

Learn about the technical partnership the IIEP-Pôle de Dakar is setting up to support resource-mutualization initiatives being developed by West-African countries.