Making public-private partnerships in vocational training a lever of economic emergence in Africa

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More than 120 participants from 18 African countries, representatives of the public and private sectors involved in vocational training, but also representatives of specialized networks, international organizations, technical and financial partners took part in the work.

The central theme of public-private partnerships in vocational training in Africa has been broken down into six themes, each of which takes into account the adaptation of vocational training provision to the needs of the economy and the steering and governance of vocational training.

Prior to the workshop, participants from 18 African countries were invited to produce summary experience sheets in relation to the 6 in-depth themes (and from which the boxes illustrating the report are drawn).

In addition, all sessions were prepared by international experts.

Finally, all the exchanges, sharing and group work of the workshop were systematically noted by a team of rapporteurs.

This report makes an analytical treatment of these multiple sources of information provided for and by the workshop.

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