UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme: Strengthening Leadership in West, Central and North Africa

Intense working group sessions ....
Intense working group sessions ....

Thirty participants from 19 countries participated in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Leadership Program.

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To ensure the economic development of African countries, as well as their global competitiveness, TVET institutions must evolve by expanding their training provision, adapting it to new needs, improving youth and adult access to their provision and increasing their internal and external efficiency. The profound transformation of TVET requires change at the national and institutional level, and such transformation can only be achieved with change leaders.

Change leaders have a clear vision, solid knowledge, and the skills to drive the required transformations. They are experts in their fields and maintain their knowledge of theories, facts and data, which enables them to make informed decisions. They obtain the necessary support for the implementation of their vision by convincing their colleagues, other experts and partners, and effectively defending their decisions. In short, they are able to translate their ideas into objectives and, in the long run, into action.

As a reminder, the call for applications was open from 2 July to 7 September 2018, and the thirty participants were selected from 142 applications received.

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Who were the participants ?

TVET managers, from intermediate to senior level, such as :

  •     General Managers and Directors
  •     TVET Committee Chairs
  •     Standardizers of public TVET institutions
  •     High level experts
  •     Director or principal of a training centre
  •     Persons responsible for the professional training of professional branches or employers' organisations
  •     Administrators of public, para-public or private TVET institutions

... and who have a functional role as follows:

  •     Leads or manages TVET systems and/or institutions
  •     Develops or implements policies and guidelines
  •     Monitor and evaluate TVET policies and guidelines
  •     Develops networks and partnerships

Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  •     Be able to interact in French
  •     Have the interest and ability to drive change within a TVET institution
  •     Have at least 5 years of professional experience in a TVET system
  •     Preferably be under 55 years of age

The application process was competitiveand open to all countries in West, Central and North Africa.

To ensure interactive sessions for all, the number of participants was limited to 30.