The Platform for the Mutualization of Vocational Training Tools and Resources is adopted by UEMOA Ministers!

CCMEFP/UEMOA experts finalize the platform documents - Lomé, September 6-7,2017
CCMEFP/UEMOA experts finalize the platform documents - Lomé, September 6-7,2017

The eight (8) Union member states thereby committed to the materialization of this ambitious initiative in signing the Mutualization Memorandum of Understanding (in French) and in endorsing the action plan for the pooling platform’s realization over the coming months.

This founding deed completes the work undertaken by a whole body of actors throughout the region over several years, by providing a synthesis of several initiatives (See the Current Status, in French). It was made possible by the finalization of all documents during the 2nd meeting of the experts of the Consultation Framework of UEMOA Ministers of Employment and Vocational Training (CCMEFP/UEMOA), held on September 6-7 in Lomé, prior to the 8th ministerial conference.

Access the Mutualization Platform project synthesis

Together with other partners, IIEP-UNESCO Dakar reiterated its commitment to support this initiative to enable the effective set-up and operation of the tools and mechanisms that will govern the pooling platform.

Under the coordination of the CCMEFP’s Permanent Secretary, the technical partnership initiated by IIEP-UNESCO Dakar in February 2017 has therefore been extended in the context of the implementation of the action plan adopted in Lomé, in particular for the execution of the following tasks:

  • Design of the digital platform for the Mutualization Platform, and management of its launch;
  • Methodological support to establish national units responsible for mutualization and train their leaders, in collaboration with the Swiss Cooperation’s regional programme for West Africa;
  • Preparation, planning and support for 2 concrete experiments in the use of the pooling functionalities (sharing and adaptation);
  • Support to the elaboration of the platform’s management tools, in particular the drafting of an Operations Manual; and
  • Support to the platform’s promotion and communication activities, with the CCMEFP’s Permanent Secretary and national mutualization units’ focal points, in particular to strengthen the mobilization of national and regional actors, as well as to sensitize other development partners with a view to obtaining their support for the platform and its actors.

Although this pooling platform was officially launched by West African UEMOA member states, it has nevertheless foreseen the opportunity to later incorporate other non-Union African countries, so that the tool, to strengthen national vocational training mechanisms, can be shared more widely across the continent.