Workshops and Seminars on Vocational Training in Africa

06 November 2021
E-conference: Promoting a digital transition of TVET systems in Africa

IIEP-UNESCO Dakar is launching an e-conference to promote knowledge sharing on the challenges, opportunities and possibilities of the digital transition in national TVET systems.

Nairobi (Kenya)
20 June 2019
31 African countries share their experiences on the quality of TVET systems to foster training-to-work transition

The Regional Exchange Workshop in Nairobi was organized in the framework of the partnership between the IIEP-UNESCO Dakar and the Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation (Lux-Dev) and the Institute of La Francophonie for the Education and Training (IFEF) built since the organization of the 1st Regional Exchange Workshop of March 2018 in Dakar on the theme of PPP in vocational training.

Dakar, Sénégal
21 March 2018
Regional sharing and mutual reinforcement workshop on public-private partnerships in vocational training in Africa

Among the central themes of the movement to renew and strengthen vocational training systems across the continent, building strong and effective public-private partnerships (PPPs) is a major concern.

Grand-Popo (Bénin)
21 February 2017
Second workshop on mutualizing vocational training resources and tools in the WAEMU region

African countries have embarked on a process of renewing vocational training to enhance the value of jobs in order to better qualify for a better socio-professional integration of as many young people as possible. Implementing this ambition calls for the development of many tools that require the mobilization of significant financial, human and material resources.

Opening of the workshop chaired by the Minister for Technical Education and Vocational Training of Togo, Mr. Georges Kwawu Aïdam
Lomé (Togo)
18 February 2017
Regional sharing workshop on support for the operationalization of vocational training policies

The first year of Pefop's activities has been very busy with the conduct of multi-actor participatory diagnostics and the implementation of the Support Programmes for the Operationalisation of Vocational Training Reforms (Procor) in 3 partner countries of the 1st phase (Burkina, Mauritania, Senegal), the Support Programme for Côte d' Ivoire, which is currently being developed and will start in 2017. At the same time, the year 2016 also saw the gradual construction of the networking process, which resulted in the launch of a specific website dedicated to Pefop for the benefit of vocational training actors in Africa.

Participants of the UNEVOC-IIEP Dakar Workshop
Dakar (Sénégal)
16 December 2016
Strengthening networking and innovation in vocational training in Africa

In partnership with UNESCO-UNEVOC, the IIEP-UNESCO Dakar brought together in Dakar from 14 to 16 December 2016 some 30 actors from around 10 African countries to participate in a workshop on networking and support for innovation in the field of vocational training in French-speaking Africa.