07 January 2021
Call for proposal
WE ARE SEEKING FOR A NATIONAL CONSULTANT IN ETHIOPIA - Study on the schemes for trainers and supervisory staff in TVET [Deadline: 31 January 2021]
06 November 2020
The new training on TVET mamangement of IIEP-UNESCO Dakar is launched !
15 July 2020
World Youth Skills Day: Building resilience in uncertain times
16 March 2020
Quality TVET for the successful training-to-employment transition of Africa’s youth
10 February 2020
A Mauritanian mission to Senegal to discover 3FPT's experience in financing vocational training
30 January 2020
Exploring support to the operational implementation of Sector Skills Councils in Tanzania
02 July 2019
Analysing the implementation of TVET reforms in Burkina Faso, in Mauritania and in Senegal
05 July 2019
Actors and Partnerships in the Vocational Training Sector
01 July 2019
31 African countries share their experiences on the quality of TVET systems to foster training-to-work transition

The PEFOP in action

This process of setting up CRPs began with the analysis of the obstacles to the implementation of vocational training policy, at...
A detailed review of PROCOR activities
For this, a workshop was held late August 2016 in Dakar, enabling the determination of the PROCOR structure, coupling sectors...

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