Support to the Mutualization of Vocational Training Tools in Africa

The production of vocational training tools and resources represents an important step in developing training supply, especially if this supply is driven by demand and the evolving needs of the economy. However, the cost of producing these tools, both in terms of time and money, is so high that available resources only cover a small share. Usually, the projects and programmes supported by development partners finance such activities in each country.

Yet occupations and their environment of practice are identical in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, save some minor variations. The mutualization of resources therefore transpires to be one of the innovative and promising solutions to help vocational training players in Africa strengthen vocational training mechanisms.

Cross-country dynamics are ever growing in Africa, at different levels, with the aim of pooling tools and resources, often in specific areas or with special goals.

Most commonly, these mutualization initiatives focus their efforts on the identification and census of available tools in their finished state, with the ambition of making them available to other players through digital platforms. Some initiatives provide support to the finalization of these reference documents according to a set outline, out of concern for harmonization.

However, some difficulties persist in the fulfillment of initiatives underway that are stunted in their implementation by certain deadlocks, be they institutional or political, technical or financial.

The PEFOP team thus hopes to provide a relevant contribution by mobilizing the expertise required for the completion of initiatives underway.

Several activities, initiatives and studies developed in the framework of the technical partnership for the mutualization of tools and resources are shared in this section as of 2017.