Strengthening skills for the analysis of indicators in statistical yearbooks in Benin

The first achievement of this support is the resumption of the regular and automated production of the statistical yearbook of the Ministry of Secondary, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (MESTFP) from the StatEduc2 statistics management computer application guaranteeing the quality of the data.

Furthermore, in order to improve the system for the production and dissemination of TVET and GSE (General Secondary Education) statistics, it has proved judicious that the production of statistical yearbooks is accompanied by analytical notes. To achieve this, the Ministry's Programming and Foresight Division (DPP) has identified the need to develop more comprehensive specific skills for this task. 

It is in this context that IIEP-UNESCO Dakar was asked to strengthen the capacities of the DPP's managers to draft documents for the statistical analysis of GSE and TVET indicators.

This support began with an action training course in September 2019 in Cotonou, which enabled the group of participants to : (i) become familiar with the key indicators of the statistical yearbook on access and coverage, retention and internal efficiency, quality and management, and equity in the GSE and TVET sub-sectors; (ii) develop an analytical framework; and (iii) define a roadmap for the drafting and publication of an analytical document.

In accordance with the roadmap, IIEP-UNESCO Dakar co-facilitated with the DPP, in November 2019 in Lokossa, a workshop devoted to the drafting of the analysis document for the indicators of the statistical yearbook on GSE and TVET.

The analysis document is currently being finalized and will be validated with all stakeholders at a workshop to be held in Cotonou in the course of 2020.