Online BarCamp: Translating GESI policy objectives into reality and action in dual VET cooperation projects

Online event
From 17 November 2022 to
17 November 2022

Donor Committee for dual Vocational Education & Training (DC dVET)
DC dVET Secretariat

The next BarCamp in this series is upcoming very soon:

Translating GESI policy objectives into reality and action in dual VET cooperation projects
17th November 2022, 1:00 – 3:00pm CET

Agenda (for more detailed information see below):       

  • 1:00pm CET: Opening & Keynote by Dr. Usha Bhandari (SDC Nepal)
  • 1:30pm CET: Open exchange sessions (on topics suggested by participants)
  • 2:30pm CET: Wrap up & Closing (3:00pm CET)

Registration: Please register for the event by 11th November 2022 and don’t hesitate to propose a session topic (we are here to support you): Register here


Keynote by Dr. Usha Bandari (Senior Program Officer, SDC Nepal): Political, Policy and programmatic approach through ENSSURE project for transformative impact on GESI in Nepal

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is a trustworthy and long-standing partner of the Government of Nepal (GoN) in the TVET sector for more than 6 decades. Since 2005/6, SDC’s support to the Nepalese government focused on reforms in the TVET sector through a system building approach. Close policy dialogue with the Government of Nepal and relevant stakeholders led to the development of a Nepal’s TVET policy, 2012 with a strong focus on access, equity and inclusion that has been further assured/elaborated in the National Education Policy, 2019. These GESI aspects are currently implemented and rolled out through three SDC funded TVET programs, all contributing (with different roles and mandates) to establish a dual VET for sustainable TVET across the country. Dr. Usha Bhandari will present the various strategies taken (e.g., GESI mainstreaming and targeting specific groups) to address GESI in a systematic way. She will highlight the importance of policy dialogue with Governments and the private sector to assure a more sensitive integration of GESI in the TVET system at all levels of Government. She will also illustrate the challenges and opportunities faced in the projects when working with specifically disadvantaged groups (e.g., women and Dalits) and how to address these specific barriers. For more information see: 


Exchange sessions on the topics proposed by participants: Define your own session theme and benefit from the ideas and suggestions of your peers

We invite you to host your own session with any question, experience, challenge, or good practice that you have related to the topic of the BarCamp. In the centre is your desire to share and discuss a particular issue with colleagues from around the world. While we provide the (virtual) room, you decide on how you want to approach the topic – you can do a short presentation, organize a workshop, or simply ask a question for an open discussion. It’s up to you! Only the time frame is fixed - a session lasts max. 50 minutes. Let us know your topic in the registration form for the event- we are happy to support you.