VET Toolbox International Seminar: How can TVET work effectively with the private sector in fast-changing economies?

From 23 November 2021 to
25 November 2021

VET Toolbox

About VET Toolbox:

VET Toolbox is a partnership of leading European development agencies, including British Council (UK), Enabel (Belgium), Expertise France (France), GIZ (Germany), LuxDev (Luxembourg) and AFD (France). The project is co-funded by the European Union and by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The consortium is led by Enabel.

In fast-changing economies, developing a dynamic workforce can be the difference between success and failure. Getting the right number of people with the right skills and competencies into the right jobs at the right time requires trust and collaboration from all key actors.   


With millions of young people entering the workforce every year, fast-changing economies are poised to benefit from a demographic dividend which could lead to great gains in poverty reduction, employment generation and economic growth. One of the biggest challenges for such countries is finding a sustainable model of unlocking the latent potential of its young people. In this context, the importance of skills development as a driver of socio-economic development is paramount. 

This  VET Toolbox, seminar provides a forum for policy-makers, experts practitioners and employers from the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector to explore and discuss their common challenges in developing the skills that will drive prosperity.

Who is it for?

  • TVET experts, policy-makers and lead educators 
  • Employers and futurists with and interest in TVET and Apprenticeship NGOs and training agencies. 

What is it about?

This is a free modular event where participants can hand pick sessions to attend.  This seminar will explore the principles and practice of private sector engagement in TVET in detail and reflect on how this can be best shaped to different contexts. There will be opportunities for quizzing experts and for participants to contribute through interactive polling and networking. 

Seminar topics include ‘how to’: 

  • create an enabling environment for private sector engagement in TVET  
  • enhance skills through different approaches including Public Private Partnerships and Sector Skills Councils  
  • support the creation of new jobs and industries within the informal economy and Small to Medium-Scale Enterprises.

Download the seminar programme.

Where is it being held?

All sessions will be held online via  the ‘Hopin’ platform. You will receive all of the details you will need once you have registered.

When is it?

The conference runs from 23-25 November 2021:

  • Tuesday 23 November: 0900-1400 GMT
  • Wednesday 24 November: 0900-1400 GMT
  • Thursday 25 November: 0900-1400 GMT

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