Réseau Africain des Institutions et Fonds de Formation Professionnelle - RAFPRO

Networks and Civil Society Organizations

Main domain: 
Financing of vocational training
Akpakpa dodomey, quartier ENAGNON 3ème étage de l'immeuble Marcory1, Cotonou, Bénin
+229 21 33 96 51 / 97 58 38 30 / 95 81 80 13
Name of the person in charge: 
Permanent Secretary

The African Network of Vocational Training Institutions and Funds (RAFPRO) was created in 2006 in Cotonou by ten Institutions and Continuing Vocational Training Funds from nine African countries. It has currently twelve Institutions and Funds and covers eleven African countries, eight of which belong to the West African sub-region and three belong to the central sub-region.

Its vision is to bring together institutions and vocational training funds to establish themselves in the field and capitalize on experiences with a view to a synergy of actions.

RAFPRO is a framework for consultation between members for the exchange of experiences, the sharing of knowledge and good practices and a crucible for reflection on the vocational training sector, particularly in Africa.