Establishment of a Sectoral Partnership Framework for the Electricity and Energy Sector (CSP-2E) in Mauritania

Following the promising experience of developing Regional Partnership Frameworks (CRP) in Mauritania for the construction, agro-pastoral and fisheries sectors respectively in the regions of Nouakchott, Kaédi and Nouadhibou, Mauritania requested the support of IIEP-UNESCO Dakar to extend the implementation of a Sectoral Partnership Framework at the country level.

IIEP therefore supports Mauritanian actors in the establishment, at the national level, of a Sectoral Partnership Framework for the electricity and energy sector (CSP-2E). With the development of renewable energies and the growing demand for energy in the country, this sector represents one of the pillars of the socio-economic development of the country. However, its workforce is not equipped with the technical skills required to exercise the promising trades in this sector.

The proposed approach sets itself the objective of creating a permanent framework for consultation between public and private training players, and sectoral players, to fill this void. A mission of experts from IIEP-UNESCO Dakar (Ibrahima Diallo and Nicola Tissi) allowed, from March 29 to April 9, 2021, to methodologically frame the design of the CSP-2E and the draft of the action plan. Emphasis was thus placed on building a common understanding of the mechanism for dialogue and consultation between the various public and private actors of the sectorial framework.

The working week was fruitful thanks to the participation of key public sector actors such as the Ministry's DGFTP, INAP-FTP, the Regulatory Authority, SOMELEC and training establishments / centers (CSET, EEFTP , SOMELEC School of Trades), those of the private sector such as the Patronage (UNPM), the electricity service representatives (EAPD), the Federation of Industries and Mines (FIM), the Mauritanian Association of renewable energy (AMPER) as well as civil society with unions (UTM, CMLT), the association of private establishments of FTP or the NGO Horizon.