A Mauritanian mission to Senegal to discover 3FPT's experience in financing vocational training

Recontre de la délégation mauritanienne avec Mme Aby SEYE, Directrice générale du 3FPT
Recontre de la délégation mauritanienne avec Mme Aby SEYE, Directrice générale du 3FPT

Within the framework of this support, a Mauritanian delegation visited Senegal from 3 to 7 February 2020, to dialogue with the Vocational and Technical Training Fund (3FTP) executives and staff about their experience in managing funding.

In recent years, Mauritania has undertaken a number of vocational training reforms to better match the supply of training with economic demand. In 2018, IIEP-UNESCO Dakar supported Mauritania in setting up three regional partnership frameworks (CRP) to foster public-private partnership in vocational training and the development of skills geared toward the labour market with a local approach. Each CRP pairs a geographical area with an economic sector: agriculture in Gorgol, building and public works in Nouakchott and fisheries in Nouadhibou. The creation of the CRPs, enacted by ministerial ruling in June 2019, is part of the reform process.

Aware that the funding of vocational training is a key factor in the sustainability of the reform, the Mauritanian government has created a new fund called the Technical and Vocational Training Fund (2FTP) which will receive the entire apprenticeship tax starting this year. In order to make this new fund operational, the Mauritanian delegation discussed with the 3FTP of Senegal, among other things, its organization chart, its mode of operation, the regulatory environment and the funding mechanisms. The Mauritanian delegation hopes to come away with a reference model for the operation of the 2FTP, tailored to their specific national context.


The delegation led by the Director of the National Institute for the Promotion of Technical and Vocational Training (INAP-FTP) is composed of 11 people: the Deputy Secretary General of the Funding Allocation Board (CAF), the Pefop Focal Point, the Head of the INAP-FTP Financing Mechanisms Department, the Director of the École d'Enseignement Technique et de Formation Professionnelle (EETFP) in Nouakchott, the three presidents and the three secretaries of the CRPs.